Jonas in his own words

“I’ve DJ’d tango events starting in my local tango community of the San Francisco Bay Area since 2012. I’ve since had the pleasure of playing music throughout the US, and internationally as well. I regularly DJ a few times a month and more whenever possible.

I’m eternally grateful to my fellow DJs and teachers who first encouraged me to go deeper into the music, and to my tango community for bringing your humanity to the floor and teaching me vulnerability each moment I hold you in my embrace. Thank you for your passion!”

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Highlights of past events

Tango Marathons/Festivals (150+ attendees)

Ann Arbor Tango Marathon, Ann Arbor, MI 2023
Beijing Tango Marathon, Bejing, China 2023
Tangamente, San Francisco, CA 2023
Taipei Tango Weekend, Taipei, Taiwan 2023
Nora’s Tango Week, San Francisco, CA 2022
“The Thing” Tango Marathon, Portland, OR 2022
Tango Holiday Marathon, Washington, DC 2019, 2021, 2022
Taiwan Tango Marathon, Taipei, Taiwan 2016, 2018
Southern California Tango Championship 2016, 2017, 2019
San Diego Tango Festival 2016, 2018
Austin Spring Tango Festival 2017


Milonga Tres Amigos, Hong Kong
Milonga “The Dome”, Berkeley, CA
All-Night Milonga at The Beat, Berkeley, CA
Milonga La Genesis, San Francisco, CA
Milonga El Valenciano, San Francisco, CA
Milonga Malevaje at Verdi Club, San Francisco, CA
La Milonga de Nora, Emeryville, CA
Milonga Desde El Alma, Santa Cruz, CA
Milonga at Alberto’s, Mountain View, CA
Milonga a Media Luz, New Orleans, LA
Tango Mio, Los Angeles, CA
Oxygen Tango, Los Angeles, CA
Esquina Passion Milonga, Austin, TX
CalTech Milonga, Pasadena, CA
Milonga Luna, Los Angeles, CA
Abrazo Queer Milonga, Berkeley, CA
Milonga Cool, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CELLspace Alternative Milonga, San Francisco, CA


“Love you, love you, love you. Had a fantastic time dancing to your just perfect tandas. You are an amazing DJ, Jonas Aquino. Thank you!”

Renata Z.

“Good Dj’s can keep dancers on the floor the whole night, but the Best Dj’s make you feel like you’re in Buenos Aires – Jonas does that for me.”

Brian N.

“That was one thrilling and unforgettable roller-coaster ride tonight! You rock, DJ Jonas!!!”

Charles Q.

“Alberto’s Milonga with DJ Jonas was a full house last night. Thank you, Jonas, for keeping us on the dance floor all night w good energy…”

Yumiko K.

“Thank you Jonas for your special touch,, Everyone loved the music and your energy…I hope to have you back again in the future since the people have already been asking for that..!”

Iris M.

“Hi Iris, I really loved the music that Jonas played at your Milonga. His selection of music was wonderful to dance to. I liked that a tanda would include music that I may not have heard before and that was so well matched to the rest of the tanda that it was stress-free to dance to. Please invite him back soon.”


“Thanks for an amazing set last night. I met a few people that said they were only planning on a couple of hours but the music just kept being good and they kept dancing for four :)”

Maggie F.

“A wonderful night of music – as always. Thank you, Jonas!”

Dorcas H.

“Great music selection! I’m still high 24 hours later.”


“Thank you, Jonas, for playing such wonderful tandas last night… I really loved dancing to the “sweet” ones… :)”

Cristina L.
More testimonials
  • “We had so much fun dancing, thank you Jonas!!” – Mary L.
  • “REALLY good music all night long, Jonas! Thank you, sir!” – Patrick D.
  • “Thank you DJ Jonas Aquino for inspiring us with great tandas! – Amy L.
  • “I was at Albertos’ last night and I enjoyed your music very much! Thanks again!” – Carlitos
  • “It was a great night with DJ Jonas!”Studio 1924 (weekly Sunday milonga in Oakland discontinued in 2016)
  • “Thank you for the great music, Jonas!” – Milonga El Abrazo (aka Mayumilonga, weekly Friday milonga in San Francisco discontinued in 2017)
  • “Best music in a while. Thank you, Jonas Aquino! Everyone I danced with felt inspired, too. I had a great time.” – Olga M.
  • “Jonas, YOU ROCK! Thanks for the great DJing last night at 1924! It was amazing :)” – Davood Y.
  • “Jonas is the cortina king!!!! Lol” – Sarah D.
  • “Jonas is my favorite DJ in the Bay Area – plays fabulous music and knows how to relate to the dancers!” – Matthew R.
  • “I really enjoyed your choice of music at the San Diego festival this last weekend. It was probably my favorite milonga of the festival because of the music. I am also from the Bay Area. I would love to attend other milongas that you DJ. What will be the best way to find out about that? Thanks and look forward to attending your next milonga. Thanks!” – Holly H.