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What our students have to say about us:

Jonas and Xiaomin are enthusiastic, patient, and encouraging teachers. They break down the fundamental movements of tango so that a beginning student can clearly understand them.


Jonas and Xiaomin are fabulous instructors, my partner and I both agree.  I especially like how they build on each lesson in a way that makes it easy to understand.  We practiced last night and I felt truly comfortable with the dance for the first time, and we successfully integrated the different things you have taught us into our practice session.  I am happy to give you a 5-star review!

clive s.

Jonas and Xiaomin do a great job making the material feel accessible. Their class has meaningful takeaways for beginners and more experienced dancers because it explores subtleties of basic concepts.

gregory t.

Jonas and Xiaomin are extremely sweet and supportive of everyone in class all the time, dancing with folks left out of rotation, and treating all questions as excellent questions. Their love of tango and each other is clear and so infectious. Class is always very informative, paced well, and super fun.

margaret c.

I normally don’t like to take group lessons since I don’t feel it benefits me much and always forgot quickly what I have learned after. But I like Jonas and Xiaomin’s class because they make me feel “Oh, I can do that!” Adding little steps here and there makes a big difference. They are super nice and easygoing. Come to their class, they will dance with you and make you feel welcome!

erica y.