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We recently took over as curators and admins for the website “SFLovesTango” which is a great resource for tango in the SF Bay Area as well as tango in general. We’re excited to be taking over and contributing to this informative and entertaining website!

Below is a repost of “10 Reasons to Love Tango” by Maika, our friend and creator of the site.

  1. Dancing is a great equalizer.  Your income, race or social status is not important. What matters is if you can dance well or not.
  2. Hugs and kisses abound. At a milonga, it’s customary to greet one another with a hug, a kiss or both.
  3. Hearts, minds and spirits are elevated. Dancing makes you feel alive. Read more here:
  4. You are surrounded by people with a common interest, thus making friends becomes easy.
  5. Dancing Tango is exercise, but does not feel like it, since its so much fun.
  6. Tango is an international language. You can visit a milonga just about anywhere in the world and be able to communicate perfectly through the dance and tango codigos.
  7. Tango is meditative. It requires you to be truly in the moment, focused on the music, your partner, and the dance floor. Read more on todotango.
  8. Tango creates a heightened awareness of yourself and others. By leading and following another person you learn about how your body moves as well as your partners.
  9. Dancing triggers your creative side. Tango is an improvisational dance meaning that you create the dance in the moment. Every dance you have will be different and unique.
  10. Dancing Tango can inspire you to change your life, usually for the better.  People have changed careers, moved across the world, found true love or just inner peace, all because of Tango.

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