Jonas and Xiaomin met while dancing on the social dance floors of the Tango community in the SF Bay Area circa 2014. They tied the knot and became life partners in 2019.

Since 2007, Jonas has been teaching classes regularly and DJing tango events all around the United States and beyond, in particular highlighting the Taiwan Tango Marathon, San Diego Tango Festival, Austin Spring Tango Festival, DC Tango Holiday Marathon, and the Southern California Tango Championship, with repeated invitations to DJ at these events, and many other wonderful milongas throughout his travels.

Xiaomin began her tango journey in 2013 training to compete in the Argentine Tango USA Championship and was a semi-finalist in the Escenario Tango category as a first-time contestant in 2014. After immersing herself in dancing socially for a few years, Xiaomin began teaching and performing (improvisation and choreography) in 2016.

Jonas and Xiaomin have been teaching together regularly since 2017, co-organizing the All-nighter milonga at The Beat with Felipe & Ayano since 2018, managing SF Loves Tango since 2019, and hosting Monday Tango at The Beat every now and then.

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